Application procedure

Follow the steps below :

First of all, create an account on this CCSD platform :

  • You already have a CCSD account : use login and password.
  • You don't have an account : Select "create an account" in the menu situated on the right handside of the screen, next to "Login" and fill in the form.

To apply, you will need to enter your login and password in order to get to "My space", then select "My project".

You will need to fill a form in four steps :

1. Metadata

2. Author(s) : please indicate here your references as the project leader and select an affiliation lab.

3. Files : in the first part you will be able to upload your Application Form completed by selecting "Choisir un fichier" (=Select a file). Although the platform is in English, unfortunately few parts of this commercial platform are still in French. 

You will need to click on "upload" in order to complete this action.

Please be aware that if you delete accidentally this file we will not be able to find it, and you will need to do it again.

In the "supplementary data" part, you will be able to upload your Research Project (7 pages max including bibliography) and all the other documents required for a complete application.

4. Overview : you will be able to check your application before you click on "submit project". 

It is strongly recommended to submit the application well in advance of the call deadline to avoid any last-minute problems (e.g. technical, etc), which cannot be considered as extenuating circumstances. It is the responsibility of the fellowship applicant to ensure that there is sufficient time for submission, including collecting all the required documents.



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